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Welcome to Healing Touch Wellness
& Chiropractic Centre

“Experience the Miracles of Chiropractic”

Loveland, OH chiropractor Dr. Daren Mazzone helps patients feel and function much better. Their lives have changed. They're participating in their favorite activities for the first time in years

People keep coming back to Healing Touch Wellness & Chiropractic Centre, a renowned Neurologic Relief Center for healing.. Patricia Collins of Blanchester, one of Dr. Mazzone's patients in Loveland, OH is an example.

"I feel peppier. I feel happier," she says. "Dr. Mazzone has done so much for me. If only I could shout it to the whole world."

For two decades, Dr. Daren Mazzone has been treating patients with chiropractic care. In addition, he is 1 of 2 doctors in Ohio and 1 of only 225 doctors in the world using a "New" revolutionary healing technique to the profession called; Neurologic Relief Technique and achieving amazing results! He is able to perform a 15 min. test on someone to determine if this type of treatment will be beneficial to the patient. He successfully treats approx. 80% of chronic pain sufferers, suffering from chronic neurologic pain disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Migraines, MS and other similar types of disorders, with this Technique. (click on Neurologic Relief Technique tab above for more details).

Dr. Mazzone works to eliminate the causes of patients' health problems instead of covering up the symptoms with medication. His treatment speeds up the body's natural healing process without surgery.

His goal is to not just get patients well, but to keep them well. With this said; he is also passionate about Wellness & Prevention and has been certified in April of 2014 in this topic by the world renowned Wellness guru, Dr. James Chestnut. He has already incorporated many components of this type of education and therapy into his existing practice.

Dr. Mazzone, resides in Loveland, OH. and owns his chiropractic practice with his wife Tracy. They have a 6 year old son, Marcus, a 2 year old son named Zayn and a puggle named "Bubbles." He is board certified, and a graduate of the prestigious Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. He is accepting new patients. To make an appointment, call 513-683-2225.

Healing Touch Wellness and Chiropractic Centre is located at 443 W. Loveland Ave., in Historic District of Loveland and also near the Montgomery area.

"Dr. Daren Mazzone doesn't just treat patients. He makes sure he gets results."
-Dr. Jim Collins, Retired Chiropractor, Loveland OH

Daren Mazzone DC, CCWP

Healing Touch Wellness & Chiropractic Centre
443 W Loveland Avenue
Loveland, OH 45140

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My shoulder and arm pain are completely gone and so is the tingling. As an added benefit, my neck pain flare-ups from sitting at a computer all day are less frequent. Dr. Mazzone listens and is gentle and compassionate."
    Lisa Lakeman, Loveland

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