Frequently Asked Questions in Loveland

Find the answers below to the most frequently asked questions about chiropractors in Loveland. Having the answers to these key questions can help you choose the right Loveland chiropractor for you. If you don't see the answer below to a question you have, reach out to Healing Touch Chiropractic at (513) 683-2225 and our team can help!

Are chiropractors doctors?

Yes, a chiropractor is a licensed health physician who has completed a four-year Doctor of Chiropractic program. This program includes supervised chiropractic training in spinal adjustments and musculoskeletal injury diagnosis. Our Loveland chiropractor Dr. Mazzone completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis in 1993.

To become a chiropractic physician requires an average of eight years of highly specialized training. today’s doctor of chiropractic must complete 4,800 hours of classroom instruction, and pass a rigid board examination before earning a license. Continuing education seminars must be completed for annual license renewal.

In fact, the Logan College of Chiropractic requires more gross anatomy hours than any school on the planet. A Logan grad will have completed 2 times the amount of anatomy of the average medical school, 2 times the hours of radiology, 2 times as many diagnoses, 2 times as much orthopedics, 2 times as much physiology, and 5 times as much nutrition. Logan graduates are trained as primary care physicians and acknowledged by state and federal governments as such.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes, chiropractic care is extremely safe and effective. Chiropractic taps into the body’s own healing powers to treat the actual cause of chronic pain conditions, therefore removing the symptoms thereof. Dr. Mazzone uses only non-invasive techniques to gently adjust the spine and restore proper alignment.

Chiropractic adjustments are safe and beneficial for young children, adults, and senior citizens. Additionally, Dr. Mazzone has 20 years of experience in the field and utilizes state of the art and revolutionary techniques such as the Neurologic Relief Center Technique (NRCT), 1 of only 220 doctors in the world that can perform this specific technique.

What symptoms can be treated by Chiropractors?

You can find functional improvement and pain relief from the following symptoms (to name a few) at our Loveland chiropractic office:

  • Fatigue, tired, sluggish
  • Weight loss
  • Headaches
  • Digestive Problems
  • Pain, stiffness, soreness
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Unexplained neurologic symptoms
  • Back & Neck Pain

Who can benefit?

Basically, anyone with a spine can benefit from chiropractic! If you are visiting this page, your body is probably telling you something is wrong. There is a good chance that Dr. Mazzone can help “align” your body into its proper state.

What services are provided at the Chiropractic office?

The following services are offered at our Loveland chiropractic office, while also servicing Cincinnati and the surrounding areas:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Wellness/Lifestyle care & education
  • Nutritional education, supplements
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Heavy metal detox and purification programs
  • Lifestyle Health Risk Assessment
  • NRCT- Neurologic Relief Treatment for chronic pain sufferers
  • Personal Injury cases
  • Workers Compensation Provider

What kind of care can I expect to receive from the different services that are offered?

Dr. Mazzone, DC has developed a reputation as one of the most caring and compassionate doctors in the state, “I truly believe in changing the world patient by patient,” he said. If you are looking for an experienced and highly rated chiropractor in Loveland or Cincinnati, Dr. Mazzone should be your first choice.

Dr. Mazzone doesn’t really “treat” symptoms. He determined what is the cause of why your body is breaking down (the cause of your symptoms) and corrects the source of the problem. Your body will naturally take care of the symptoms one the source has been corrected. He can help out with a myriad of injuries and symptoms including but not limited to back pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neck pain, migraines, work injuries, neck pain, fatigue, RSD, and disc injuries.

Additionally, if you are looking for a natural way to treat any of your pains or ailments our Loveland chiropractor is for you. Dr. Mazzone’s philosophy is this: To lead the people in his community to a state of health, vitality, and happiness, and away from needless pain and suffering, unnecessary drug and devastating surgery.

Do you treat auto injury and workers compensation cases? What if insurance is involved?

Yes, it is important to see a chiropractor for an initial diagnostic consultation prior to settling with an insurance company. Doing so will help to ensure full medical coverage for all your injuries.

What methods will be used in my treatment for auto injury or workers compensation?

Chiropractic care is an effective auto accident injury treatment technique as well as workers' compensation because it directly addresses the musculoskeletal misalignments responsible for a victim’s back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Our Loveland chiropractor also integrates complementary therapies into our treatment program, including massage therapy.

What is wellness care and how can it help me?

Once Dr. Mazzone gets you out of pain and improves your overall function he will offer you the chance to maintain your NEW level of function. This is considered wellness care. The option is always yours.

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