Chiropractic Testimonials

"My shoulder and arm pain are completely gone and so is the tingling. As an added benefit, my neck pain flare-ups from sitting at a computer all day are less frequent. Dr. Mazzone listens and is gentle and compassionate."

- Lisa L.

"I feel peppier. I feel happier. Dr. Mazzone has done so much for me. If only I could shout it to the whole world."

- Patricia C.

"For years, I went to dozens of chiropractors to treat my neck problems. Then, I met Dr. Mazzone. He achieved results that no one else could achieve. Besides his technique, one of his best qualities is his compassion. He's willing to do just about anything to help someone. He doesn't just treat patients, he makes sure he gets results."

- Dr. Jim C.

"I encourage everyone to at least give the treatment a try, it will be well worth your time and money. Now I am feeling so much better, I feel like I have more movement and hardly any pain."

- Nancy H.

"Dr. Mazzone is a blessing in disguise. At one point while I was playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, I couldn't walk or run without pain. Dr. Mazzone's treatment eliminated my pain. I am better and I definitely have him to thank for that. I am a former NFL tight end-fullback, including for the Cincinnati Bengals and the 2000 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens."

- Jason G.

"Since coming to Dr. Mazzone, I feel 20 years younger. My muscle spasms have stopped. I am sleeping better and my acid stomach has stopped. My energy has come back. Not only can I take my kids to laser tag, but I also play with them."

- Cynthia E.

"Before coming in contact with Dr. Mazzone and Healing Touch Chiropractic, I suffered from chronic migraines, chronic back pain, and vertigo. As a result of a work-related accident, I was out of options when my family physician suggested I try Dr. Mazzone.

I thank God that Dr. Mazzone and his caring staff have come into my life. This new treatment Dr. Mazzone is using has done more for me than any pain pill could ever do. I know am in good, reliable, caring healing hands."

- Jann C.G.

"Dr. Mazzone has a great gift and a great heart. We just appreciate him so much that we won't go to our regular doctor again."

- Penny R.

"I still get headaches and my back still hurts but it is nowhere near what it was. I have more energy. Once you try Dr. Mazzone, you will understand. Once you spend time with Dr. Mazzone, you will love him. He truly cares about you and your health."

- Annette K.

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